Trade Promotions Update – 2020/2021 NSW Gaming Changes

Major Changes to Trade Promotions in 2020/2021 – What you need to know?
The Future of Digital Advertising in the Post Digital Platforms Inquiry World
(this is the content of a presentation given by Stephen von Muenster on 20 November 2020 at the Mumbrella 360: Reconnected conference)
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How to legally use social influencers when marketing
How to legally use social influencers when marketing Influencers are an increasingly popular and, when used correctly, effective marketing strategy for many brands. Brands may engage influencers directly to promote their products and influence the purchasing decisions of customers. In addition, platforms like Tribe enable businesses to propose a job to influencers based on their...
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Changes to signing and witnessing procedures during COVID-19
Has COVID-19 changed the way we witness documents? See our breakdown of key legal procedures.
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Government coronavirus relief for financially distressed businesses
If your business is experiencing financial distress because of the coronavirus pandemic, see what measures the Australian Government has put in place to help
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Can privacy exist in the age of ubiquitous data collection?
An exploration of the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry and its impact on the Media and Communications sector
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Time to reset the agency-advertiser relationship? Lessons learned from the Advangen litigation
  Ikon Communications’ recent court win against its former client Advangen provides compelling reasons for why it is time to hit ‘reset’ on the agency-advertiser relationship.
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