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What the changes to SA Lottery Legislation means for you 

The new Lotteries Regulation 2021 (SA) came into effect on 10th December 2021, operating under the Lotteries Act 2019, making changes to the lotteries landscape in South Australia. The changes to regulations concerning Trade Promotions that will impact you most are detailed below: For reference, a major trade promotion lottery is that which has a prize...
Employsure fined $1 million by Federal Court for misleading Google Ads
The Full Federal Court recently found in August 2021 that Employsure had made misleading representations that it was, or was affiliated with, a government agency (Australia Competition and Consumer Commission v Employsure Pty Ltd [2021] FCAFC 142) during an SEM Google Ad words campaign. Employsure Pty Ltd is private company that advises employers and businesses...
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Can I publish client logos on my new website?
Can I publish client logos on my new website? Publishing client logos on your website is an easy and effective way to build trust and credibility with potential new clients. But when designing a new website, founders should avoid the temptation of exaggerating their client list and should not assume that all clients will want...
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Extra-fraudinary influencers and fake followers
Extra-Fraudinary Influencers and Fake Followers  Social media accounts with fake followers may run the risk of contravening Australian Consumer Laws, the team at von Muenster Legal reports.  In our increasingly digital world, it’s no secret that more and more advertisements are an investment in a personality with a large social media presence. As brands around the world...
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The Rise of Influencer Hijacking
For years, some brands have been attempting to hijack an influencer’s selling power without paying them a penny, explains von Muenster Legal. There is no denying that certain social media users have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions and behaviours of their followers. It is becoming increasingly evident that brands are trying and succeeding...
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Who owns your #hashtags?
Hashtags have become a powerful social media marketing weapon in the battle for consumer attention and brand engagement online. Thanks to the indexing power of the lowly hash or pound symbol (#) on social media, it is now common for hashtags to take centre stage in the development and execution of advertising campaigns as a...
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Insincere influencers: how to handle ghosts
Influencer marketing is on the rise, but if brands don’t bother to put their agreements in writing, they’re at serious risk of ghosting.
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