Can Employers Make Covid Vaccinations Mandatory?

The light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is approaching as vaccinations for COVID-19 become available worldwide and Australia continues its vaccination rollout. Employers and employees alike are keen to return to workplaces safely, and vaccinations are key to that being achieved. One question arising is whether employers can require that prospective and current...
Promotions 101
Promotions are used broadly by brands to increase awareness generally, or to promote their goods or services to consumers, suppliers and even staff. They can be referred to as trade promotion lotteries, sales promotions, competitions, sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. Promotions can be a fun way to boost sales or generate ‘likes’ on social media channels,...
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A Marketing Manager engages an Agency … lessons learned from the Etcom litigation
It has happened before and it will happen again.   A person who holds themselves out as working in the role of Marketing Director or Marketing Manager, engages an agency for the first time, or provides an existing agency with a new brief for marcoms services. Sometimes there are written estimates or terms that are...
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Factsheet: transitioning back to the office in 2021
Though 2020 is now behind us, COVID (sadly) is not. So, as we begin to (physically) return to the workplace again for another year, download our free COVID-19 factsheet for information on return to work requirements under the Fair Work Act 2009. COVID-19 Factsheet
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Was/now pricing – Is it worth the risk?
When sales season rolls around, businesses will look to catch the wandering eyes of customers with flashy advertising promoting their product discounts. But advertisers developing “price-cut” or sales campaigns need to make sure the strategy does not backfire and result in unwanted attention from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. A common sales tactic is...
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Changes to signing and witnessing procedures during COVID-19
Has COVID-19 changed the way we witness documents? See our breakdown of key legal procedures.
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Has your business been hacked? You may need to comply with the new Notifiable Data Breach scheme
From 22 February this year your company may be required to notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and affected individuals if personal information held by your company is accessed, lost or disclosed in circumstances that are likely to result in serious harm to the individuals affected. What are the changes? Under the...
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