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The Rise of Influencer Hijacking

For years, some brands have been attempting to hijack an influencer’s selling power without paying them a penny, explains von Muenster Legal. There is no denying that certain social media users have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions and behaviours of their followers. It is becoming increasingly evident that brands are trying and succeeding...
Trade Promotions Update – 2020/2021 NSW Gaming Changes
Major Changes to Trade Promotions in 2020/2021 – What you need to know?
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The key Terms and Conditions lessons learned from The Today Show scandal
The Nine Network has recently had to defend itself against allegations that its ‘Block of Cash’ giveaway is a scam, following the broadcast of a winner from their home almost immediately after they received a phone call notifying them that they had won the jackpot live on The Today Show. Media outlets, entrants and concerned...
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Trade Promotions Update: ACT removes the requirement for permits for “low risk” trade promotions
Businesses running trade promotions where the total prize value does not exceed $3,000 will no longer need to apply for a permit in the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT Gambling & Racing Commission has expanded the types of lotteries that no longer require approval for their conduct under section 6(1) of the Lotteries Act 1964 (the Act). Exempt...
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Trade Promotions Update: Victoria removes the requirement for Permits
At present, if your national game of chance trade promotion exceeds a total prize pool value of $5,000, you require a permit in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Victoria. However, legislation passed by the Victorian Parliament has now removed the requirement for a permit for any trade promotions running in Victoria,...
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Businesses will ‘Like’ Facebook’s Updated Promotion Guidelines
If you’re in the business of administering promotions on Facebook, your job just got a whole lot easier. On 27 August 2013 Facebook released various updates to its Page Guidelines that significantly impact upon the conduct of promotions on Facebook. Ultimately, Facebook wants to make it easier for businesses to create and administer promotions on...
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Alcohol Promotions – Update
The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing has issued a warning about irresponsible alcohol promotions. This was prompted by the banning of a promotion being run by a Kings Cross night club which aimed to “break the Guinness World Record for the most mojito cocktails made in one hour”. The Facebook marketing of this...
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