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Give and You Shall Receive: TV tax offset could mean $103 million gain

A raise in the television industry’s tax offset from 20% to 40% could generate $103 million in economic activity, according to a report recently released by PwC. The Report was commissioned by Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and Australian Television & Radio Association (ASTRA). The media moguls have taken time out from being competitive mortal enemies...
Movie pirates in clear waters…for now
In what is proving to garner more interest than the latest Hollywood flick, the Federal Court last month handed down the fourth installment in the case brought by Dallas Buyers Club LLC (DBC) and its parent company Voltage Pictures LLC against six Australian ISP’s (including Internode, Adam Internet, Dodo, Wideband and Amnet Broadband) seeking the...
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It’s a food fight! Nine roasts Seven in copyright battle
There is nothing new about television executives complaining that rival network has ripped-off one of their shows. But getting a court to agree is another story altogether, as Channel 7 recently found out! In a high ‘steaks’ legal stoush, Channel Seven tried to have Channel Nine’s new cooking show The Hotplate taken off the air...
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Damages awarded for groundless threats of copyright infringement
The Federal Court of Australia has awarded Aboriginal activist artist, Richard Bell, damages of $147,000 against New York filmmaker Tanya Steele. This decision marks the first time that damages have been awarded where a third party had content removed from the internet without justification. Background Richard Bell paid Tanya Steele to assist him in making...
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