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A picture paints 1000 defamatory words – Google liable for defamation for image search results

Music promoter Michael Trkulja recently successfully sued Google for $200,000 in relation to images published of him on the search engine’s results page. This case provides guidance on the circumstances in which internet intermediaries such as search engines, social media platforms and blogs can be held liable for a defamatory publication. Mr Trkulja, who was...
Pinterest Boards filled with Copyright Holes
Are you considering using Pinterest as part of your company’s social media strategy? Does your Pinterest board pin someone else’s photographs? If so, you are probably interested to know the potential dangers and liabilities of using the site. The person who takes a photograph usually becomes the owner and has copyright over that photo. A...
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Good as new?
Simple as it sounds, promoting goods as ‘new’ can be a risky business. As far as the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is concerned, the word ‘new’ in respect of goods is taken to mean: “Not used or repaired or reconditioned, or used in display, and also not old or already known.” Thus goods...
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