Tour promotors take note – the importance of work visas for touring artists

Popular US singer, Kina Grannis (‘Grannis’) and her touring band and road crew were recently detained in Jakarta for 100 days for visa fraud.

Unbeknownst to Grannis and her crew, their tour promoter had reportedly not organised the correct visas for them to work in the country.

Indonesian immigration officials allegedly approached the band onstage after their first concert in Jakarta at around 2am. Instead of deporting them, the immigration officials confiscated all 14 of their passports and charged each of them with visa fraud, which attracts a five year prison sentence in Indonesia.

After being detained in Jakarta for 100 days while investigations and a trial took place, Grannis and her entourage were eventually convicted and sentenced to eight months’ probation, which fortunately could be served back in the US.

Unfortunately however, as a result of the visa fraud, the rest of Grannis’ tour in six countries across Asia had to be cancelled.

This case is an important reminder for all tour promoters, managers and artists to check the visa policy in each country to ensure all performers, managers and road crew are permitted to work in those countries before commencing an international tour.