New Screen Australia Story Development Fund Guidelines: what you need to know

Screen Australia has released new guidelines for those interested in applying to its Screen Story Development Fund. Following two months of industry consultations, the changes are intended to create a more streamlined application process and support greater diversity of screen stories from a larger pool of content makers.

Changes to the funding process

Projects for any kind of platform, including online and digital, can now apply for development funding from one of two funds: the Generate Fund or the Premium Fund. Applications for funding are open all year round.

The Generate Fund is for lower budget projects. It is aimed at new and emerging talent, or experienced talent looking to take creative risks.

The Premium Fund is targeted at established screen content makers whose projects have a higher budget of ambition and scale. Premium applications should have a focus on commercial viability.

Both funds support projects that reflect racial and gender diversity. Applications should also have clearly defined target audiences in line with Screen Australia’s guide here.

Budget thresholds have now increased to $1 million per hour for TV projects (up from $800,000 per hour) and $3 million for feature films (up from $2.5 million). The Fund also includes budget thresholds for digital and online projects.

The application process

Applying for Screen Australia funding is a two-stage process. Stage 1 involves the submission of short materials and a pitch. Successful Stage 1 applicants are then invited to submit more in-depth story documents and supporting details as part of the Stage 2 submission process.

Under the new changes, applicants now have up to three months to submit their Stage 2 materials. Previously, Stage 2 materials had to be submitted immediately after a successful Stage 1 application.

You can read more about the application process at Screen Australia’s page here, or contact us if you have any further questions.